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The Deer Lake 67
Date: 31 Aug 2014
Start Time: 6:30am


Situated in the senic Humber Valley of Western Newfoundland, the race is a 67km lap around Deer Lake with roughly 569m of vertical climb.  Terrain includes dirt roads, overgrown logging roads, deserted rail bed (while passing through the Newfoundland and Labrador T’Railway Provincial Park), water crossings and several stretches of pavement (while passing through the town of Deer Lake, the Humber Valley Resort and the town of Pasadena).  On the well marked course you’ll encounter rolling hills, steep climbs, loose rocks and some spectacular views of Deer Lake, the surrounding Humber Valley and possibly some wildlife.  Crew and Family are welcome at designated Aid Stations as well as on any paved portions of the route. No pacers please!

  1. Kim permalink

    Is there an email address that I could use to contact you regarding volunteering?

    • Kim,
      Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help out with the event. Please send the details to the me, Lorne Reid (Race Organizer) at

      If you prefer to leave a facebook message then head over to the Facebook page and leave a comment on the post regarding the request for volunteers.

      Thanks again for your interest.


  2. Anne Hinks permalink

    I have done a few trail races and you really need to post a bit more detail. How many many water stops are there? What kind of nutiriton are you going to have at these stops, will you also have bathroom facilities? Will the trail be clearly mark? A average time for 50km is 6 hours on an average course, this is a tuff course, you might want to increase your time of 10 hours, alot of people run/walk these courses.

    • Anne,
      Thank you for your comments. As described in the Course Description there are presently plans for 4 Aid Stations along the route. We are contemplating a 5th Aid Station but that one is still up in the air. Each Aid Station will have portable toilets, drinking water, electrolyte replacement drink and a selection of solid food race nutrition. The details of what solid foods will be provided have not been published yet because they have yet to be determined. Of course any racer that prefers specific liquids or nutrition should be prepared to carry enough for 25k. At that point you will encounter the first Aid Station that provides Drop Bag service. There is a second Aid Station with Drop Bag service at the 42-43km mark.

      The route will indeed be clearly marked and details on trail marking will be made available as the race date approaches. Regarding your concerns about the cutoff time, as this is the first running of the Deer Lake 67 we have no historical data to go by. A ten hour cutoff means that individuals will have to run the course at a pace of 8:57/km or better. Considering that a pace of 9:00/km borders on being a brisk walking pace for most individuals in good physical shape, the organizing committee and I are confident that the majority of participants will be able to complete the race in the allotted time. Will it be challenging, we hope so, but by no means do we feel that it will be impossible.

      Lorne Reid
      Race Organizer
      The Deer Lake 67

  3. Gregg Robertson permalink

    Great seeing the pictures, I am sure there will be more. The wet spots ? think they will be an issue during the run?,

    • Gregg,
      The various water crossings and any other water encountered during the course will require racers to plan for moisture management. You can certainly count on having wet feet on the North Side of the Lake. This is the main reason that we are providing Drop Bag service at the Aid Station following the last water crossing on the North Side. This service gives racers the opportunity to plan accordingly and have access to the things that they need to care for their feet in preparation for the remainder of the race (ie. dry shoes & socks, powder, lubricant, tape, etc.). It it highly recommended that you test out your system before you arrive on race day as there is 40+ km left in the race following the last known water crossing.

      Of course if it rains racers can anticipate being wet for the entire race and then moisture management will become paramount throughout.

      Lorne Reid
      Race Organizer
      The Deer Lake 67

  4. permalink

    Gona be an ADVENTURE !!! 🙂

  5. andrew young permalink

    just wanted to know if this was a snowmobile event

  6. Duane permalink

    Hi, I was just wondering if there are 5 or 6 aid stations? I think AS1 is at 12k mark, AS2 is at 27.5k mark, AS3 is at 35k mark, AS4 is at 43k. So I was wondering what km mark the AS5 is located and if and where AS6 is located.

    • Duane,
      There are five aid stations on the race course. Your distances are right on the money for AS1-AS4. AS5 is at the 55k mark. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Lorne Reid
      Race Organizer
      The Deer Lake 67

    • Duane permalink

      Hey, I think I just found the answer to my question about the Aid Stations, there looks like there are 5 aid stations and AS5 is located at 55.75km mark.

  7. Duane permalink

    Hey Lorne, I was just wondering if you had any elevation tables or charts of the course? I was also wondering if you can put Voltaren medicinal gel in your drop bag? For muscle or joint pain relief.


    • Duane,
      I posted the elevation chart on Facebook & Twitter this morning. I will make an effort to put it up on the website as well. As for the Voltaren gel, there is no problem having that in your drop bag. That being said, we are not medical professionals and as such, we are not responsible for any adverse reaction from the use of NSAIDs or any other medication while on the race course.

      I hope that this helps to answer your question.


  8. This is my next challenge for 2015… !

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